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The original homepage acted more like a shortcut to the backend application rather than a means to educate & ultimately convert prospects on the product.

Recognizing the need for a refined approach, Boom entrusted us to rebuild the homepage while creating distinct persona-specific pages that effectively communicated the important selling points of their product.

Our task was to streamline the homepage’s message to a core concept—”Turn worksheets into interactive games”—and create separate pages that catered to different personas.

These persona-specific pages would serve as microsites, introducing the product to new customers while distinguishing them from the web app that served as the education platform.

Through our strategic approach, we successfully streamlined the homepage and created persona-specific pages that effectively communicated the product’s features and benefits to various user personas.

The simplified homepage message and tailored microsites ensured a clearer understanding of the product’s value proposition for each user type, ultimately enhancing customer engagement and driving conversions.

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